Friday, August 20, 2010

An Adoptee who had an Open Adoption and now Adopting...

My name is Michelle Middleton, I am 28 years old and married to my childhood sweet heart James, he is 30 years old, and we have a wonderful son Ethan who is now 2 years old. Our adoption journey actually started as my adoption journey. My birth mother was only 18 when I was born, she wasn't married, she was an orphan and didn't have an education, so she placed me with her past foster mother to raise. I grew up in an Open adoption, my birth mother went into the Army, then to college, and eventually created a wonderful life for herself. I have always known that I was adopted, and I have always known my birth family, my childhood was amazing because of the friendship and trust that my birth family and adoptive family had. When I was little I always thought I was extra special because I had 2 families, and so many people to love me. I met my husband when I was 11 years old, we played sports together and his father was the local doctor. We grew up and grew apart, we went to different colleges, started different careers. We met again shortly after my adoptive mothers funeral, she had battled cancer for several years and lost her battle in 2003. James had lost his father in 2001, and he helped me morn my loss. We started being friends again, then dating, and finally we fell in love. After several years of dating James started mentioning marriage, then we found out that we were expecting our first child. Our son was born May of 2008 the day before Mothers day, the pregnancy was complicated and the birth of our son was even more complicated. I was sick, we later found out that my body was trying to misscarry and had attacked my body, the doctors then told us that another pregnancy would be too risky to even consider. We are so thankful to have our son that, the bad news didn't matter. When Ethan was about a year old, James asked me if I wanted to have more children, and started talking about how fun his childhood was. James has 3 brothers, one of which is his twin and an older sister, he then mentioned how I had always talked about my childhood and being adopted and asked me if I was ready to start the adoption process. We called our families, and I called my birth mother to ask her what she thought of our plans, my birth mother said it was a great idea, but she asked me to promise to keep the adoption open, I agreed. My husband and I have completed our home study and are now waiting for a birth family to come into our lives and help us add to our family. After a child can never have too many people to love them.

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